Oracle SOA 12c

We provide Oracle SOA 12c online training by our Highly Professional Certified trainers. Oracle SOA suite is a comprehensive, standards-based software suite to build, deploy and manage integration following the concepts of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). SOA fallows principles like Reuse, Loosely coupled, Interoperability and also it fallows all open standards so that SOA becomes hot in the market for integrating different systems/applications.

Oracle SOA 12c supports:

Invocation, Routing, Mediation, Message Exchange patterns, Adapters, Transformation, Security, Governance, Process Choreography, Service Orchestration, Event Processing, Management and many more ………

Our specialties on Oracle SOA 12c online training: –

*  Our trainings will be mostly based on Real Time Scenarios for each topic.

*  Our Trainers will also discuss about your project requirements.

*  Life time LMS access (Learning Management system).

*  All the sessions will be based on yours conform by our Highly-Qualified Trainers

*  Recorded session will be provided either via Google Drive or Dropbox.

* We provide Normal Track, Fast Track, and Weekend Batches for Oracle SOA 12c Online Training.

* We accept online payment via Xoom , PayPal , direct money transfer. We also provide installments on the payments.


Course Curriculum

Demo FREE 01:00:00
WebServices/XSD/XSLT 00:00:00
What is Adapter 00:00:00
File Segmentaion 00:00:00
File Sync Read 00:00:00
File Read 00:00:00
File Write 00:00:00
JNDI Creation for JMS and Database 00:00:00
DB Pooling 00:00:00
DB Relation ship 00:00:00
DB calling PLSQL 00:00:00
DB Insert/Update/Delete 00:00:00
JMS Publish Queue/Topic 00:00:00
JMS Subscribe Queue/Topic 00:00:00
Salesforce Adapter 00:00:00
Business Process Execution Language(BPEL)
What is BPEL 00:00:00
Activities in BPEL process 00:00:00
Synchronous ,Asynchronous and One Way BPEL process 00:00:00
Looping in BPEL 00:00:00
Parallel Processing 00:00:00
Invoking external Services 00:00:00
Content based Routing 00:00:00
Routing Rules 00:00:00
Exception Handling
Fault Policies 00:00:00
Business Fault 00:00:00
System faults(Catch & Catch all) 00:00:00
Use Cases
Simple Calculator 00:00:00
Sony World(Customer purchase) 00:00:00
Sony world (Warranty Check) 00:00:00
Human Task
Introduction to HumanTask 00:00:00
Demo on HumanTask 00:00:00
Business Rules
Introduction to Business Rules 00:00:00
Demo on BusinessRules 00:00:00
Instalation and configuration
Installation and configuration 00:00:00
weblogic Console 00:00:00
Enterprise Manager (em console) 00:00:00
Schema validation 00:00:00
Domain Value Mapping(DVM) 00:00:00
Event Delivery Network 00:00:00

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