Oracle SOA Demo 12c

Why should you learn this ?

What is Middleware

  1. A software that helps disparate and distributed applications to collaborate with each other
  2. Helps leverage the best-of-breed products
  3. Companies can get more ROI by being able to reuse
  4. SOA is the hottest middleware strategy till date.  Examples:BPEL, OSB

What is Service-Orientated Architecture?

1)Not a technology or product, more a design approach

  • Services” are
  • Atomic, do not depend on other services run beforehand
  • Technology and implementation neutral – J2EE, .NET, PL/SQL
  • Published in directories so that they can be discovered and reused !

2) As an architectural style, SOA promotes loose coupling, interoperability assembling of applications from existing processes

3)From customer’s perspective it’s about integrating different systems to helps IT deliver solutions that are flexible à Can adapt to changing markets, increasing competitive pressures and evolving customer needs

4)Services can exchange data using a common platform (OSB) or can be orchestrated using declarative language (BPEL)

5)Architecture for Oracle Fusion Applications

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